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Don’t Be a Zombie

As I wrote before, a philosophical zombie is a person who looks and acts exactly like a normal person, except they aren’t conscious.

Let me inverse that idea: let’s say a zombie is someone who behaves as if everyone else is non-conscious. Which is a behaviour I encounter way too often. It’s sometimes hard for us to accept that we’re not players of a video game within a virtual society of non-conscious entities.

Drive a few kilometers on any German autobahn, and you’ll find plenty of zombies, people who don’t realize that everyone else also has conscious experience. These zombies behave recklessly and carelessly. They deny other people’s realities, other peoples conscious experience.

By degrading other people like that, they’re really degrading themselves—to the level of a zombie.

Published November 9th, 2017 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum