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World Government

Three years ago, I was embarrassed that we don’t have world government yet. Now, I’m not so certain any more that it would be a good thing. Let me elaborate.

Having a world government would mean a lot of central control, judiciary system and institutions. It would be a great equalizer, making rights and duties equal across the globe.

Maybe having a variety of societal configurations would be better for everyone, though. Our current countries provide us with different kinds of societies, different judiciary systems, different freedoms, rights and duties.

This creates a landscape of sorts, where each person can find her own perfect place. Of course, some of the places on this landscape are the worst in every aspect. What’s required, then, is the absolute freedom to move around. That’s why I think it is paramount that every person is granted the freedom to move into the country they deem best, and move again if they don’t like it there.

When everyone can pick the place that fits them best, happiness is maximized and suffering minimized. I’m not sure how we could achieve the same thing with a central world government.

Published April 7th, 2016 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum