Dont Bullshit. Just Think.


I love well-crafted typography. My heart jumps up in joy when I see that some piece of written information was typeset carefully. Because mostly, they aren’t. This could be a rant about the state of typography on the web or anywhere else. Instead, let me try to encourage you to learn more about it.

By typography I mean the art of arranging type. With good typography, you can make text easier and more pleasurable to read. Given how much everyone reads every day, that’s a powerful skill.

Typography is in the details. Using correct punctuation — like smart quotes instead of dumb quotes — makes the text appear more natural and less muddled. Like choosing the right word for a sentence, choosing the right characters and punctuation shows respect to the reader.

Typography is in the general view. In the general view, good typography makes a text look inviting. The relationships between text size, line height and line length have to be just right. The hierarchy and structure of the text has to become clear — for example by appropriately styling and sizing headings.

Don’t care too much about which font to pick, because almost any font can be set in a way to make it pleasurable to read. Experiment with the texts you share and typeset them carefully — I’m certain they deserve it.

Published September 27th, 2014 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum