Dont Bullshit. Just Think.


Most people only know one type of travel. The expensive type that also damages the environment immensely. It’s often personally rewarding to travel the world, because—done right—travelling gives us new perspectives. When done wrongly though, without experiencing the foreign place and its people, physical travel is little more than an expensive way to heat our planet.

Using the second type of travelling, I’ve been 10000 years in the future, seen foreign galaxies, visited the past and met a lot of unique individuals along the way. I’m talking about travelling with my mind, of course. To do this, you can use many vehicles: books, video games, in rare cases even television. A good book will take you on a journey to its own world, immersing you completely for hours at a time. The feeling of immersion here is the same as standing in a foreign place, breathing in the atmosphere.

I’m writing this mostly because our society overvalues physical travelling and undervalues travelling with the mind. Many people never experienced being immersed in the exciting world of a well made video game. Or dove head first into the unusual universe of a well written science fiction book. If you haven’t, please try it some time! I’ve been on many physical journeys. But for almost all of my most memorable travels, I’ve been using my mind only.

Published June 2nd, 2018 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum