Dont Bullshit. Just Think.

Thinking in Color

On my not todo list there is one rather unclear item: “thinking in greyscale”. Of course I don’t want to think black & white (it’s a not todo list after all). There are almost never only two sides of an issue and I like to be a moderate regarding most topics. But why wouldn’t I want to think in greyscale, along a spectrum of different, interesting perspectives?

Taking different perspectives — thinking in greyscale — is both hard and rewarding, but not good enough. Seeing the situation from a completely different angle — thinking in color — is a different ball game. Why do these people think differently about an issue? What exactly is the issue? What does thinking mean in that case? And what are people?

Thinking in color is meta-thinking. It’s philosophy. While thinking in black & white is easily overdone, I’m confident your (and my) thinking could use a little more color.

Published June 5th, 2013 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum