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Save the Planet

Saving the planet is hard. It involves many big decisions, and difficult ones at that. So I want to help you with a few impactful actions you can take to start moving in the right direction.

Consume less. Maybe even choose a smaller place to live, which will have a huge impact on your CO2 emissions. Think hard before you buy anything: will it really bring you joy for a long time? Whenever you really need to buy anything, get the best quality you can possibly afford, because it will last longer and be more repairable. The Konmari Method might help you on this path (it helped me greatly). Minimalism might also be a fit for you.

Compensate your CO2 emissions. Use a service like PrimaClima to compensate every last bit of your emissions at least 1×. Going for 2× would be great of course (compensating two tons for every ton you emit), or an even higher amount. But start with 1×. If you read this, you can probably afford 175 Euro per person per year. This compensation mechanism ensures that we rich countries channel money to poorer countries with the explicit goal of preventing them to emit as much as we did when we were getting rich.

Now, there are a few things you shouldn’t do:

Don’t vote green and be done with it. Green parties everywhere are more ideologic than scientific. They might have the right goals, but often propose methods that are proven to not work. So if you do vote green, make sure to also help them to get their science right.

Don’t buy organic and be done with it. The organic movement is more ideologic than scientific. Many measures of organic farming are worse for the environment than non organic farming. GMOs might be our saviour regarding sustainable agriculture, but the organic movement hates GMOs (for no scientific reason). Instead of blindly going for organic food, aim for sustainability by eating locally grown, seasonal food.

Don’t fly often. Treasure the rare occasions where you do fly, and make sure to compensate the CO2 emissions (remember, compensating 2× is better than 1×).

Published March 4th, 2019 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum