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Parent’s Decisions

It’s consistently weird to me how many decisions parents can—and sometimes have to—make for their children.

For example, my wife and I can choose to indoctrinate our child into a religion of our choosing. Although some religions are less harmful than others, it is morally reprehensible to put that kind of stamp on a child before they can decide for themselves. Like for alcohol or drugs, a minimum age for religion sounds like a good idea to me.

Another choice we face is the kind of kindergarten or school we pick for our child. There are quite a few options with unscientific or even anti-scientific pedagogic concepts, like Montessori or Waldorf. Going to such a school would set our son back years, at least in regards of critical thinking, but quite certainly also in other areas.

We can also choose to not vaccinate our child, thereby not giving him basic immunisation against common or dangerous diseases. This will harm him, but it will also harm other people around him, who might not be able to be vaccinated. We’re all legally allowed to skip vaccinations for us or our children. But if you are doing just that, please get off this planet—you’re a danger to humanity.

Why did we set up a culture with these freedoms? Yes, at first glance, these are freedoms of choice. But at closer inspection, your freedom to indoctrinate your child is severely limiting their spiritual and philosophical freedom. Your freedom to not vaccinate your child is hurting their health and the health of their peers. Your freedom to pick a crackpot school for your child is stifling their potential, and thus their freedom to become the best person they can be. Morally, we already aren’t allowed to limit our children in that way. So why are we legally allowed to do so?

Published August 1st, 2018 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum