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Dealing with Death

Why are believers so bad at dealing with death? All Christian believers I know don’t really believe in the afterlife. When it comes to the (potential) death of their loved ones, they truly believe that death is the end.

I’m deeply confused. Believers often spend countless hours in churches, listening to priests discuss life’s big topics or whatever. But what does that accomplish, if it doesn’t even prepare them for the difficult situations in life?! Dealing with death is often a challenging situation for people – understandibly so. Why don’t religions manage to do prepare their believers at all?

Contrary, all atheists I know are well-prepared to deal with death. They’ve read some basic philosphy, maybe – and in my experience, even children’s books about philosophy give good advice on dealing with death.

So, what’s religion good for, if it doesn’t even give comfort when it matters?

Published January 26th, 2024 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum