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Feel Sympathy Rather Than Contempt

Every time I see someone driving an expensive car, I think “desperately vulnerable and in need of love.” So thanks to Alain de Botton, I “feel sympathy rather than contempt.” Whenever I leave my home, there are countless possibilities to feel sympathy in a similar way.

Most likely everyone I meet lives under the illusion of free will and agency. Almost all of them will die sooner that realize that. Even most philosophers struggle with the juxtaposition of their own sense of agency and the fact that they do not have free will.

So sympathy, it is. Because without free will, contempt makes no sense any more. I cannot hate or punish a person for something she did not choose to do. I can only sympathize and prevent her from making bad choices — or try to nudge her into making better choices.

Published June 17th, 2012 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum