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Only Autodidacts are Free

How do you learn something new? How do you get good at a skill? I would say the answer is simple but arduous.

  1. Find good teachers or other sources of knowledge. They can be anywhere — often somewhere on the internet. But take care to filter out the bad ones.
  2. Experiment. Try to make something. Try to use the new skill. Apply the newfound knowledge. Fail. Get feedback. Improve. Succeed.
  3. Persist. Only starting is not enough.

Which of these steps requires the institutions we built for learning? Why do I need a school or university, when a better source of the same knowledge (often) can be found online? Are my local teachers good enough? Do they know what’s most important?

If I want to learn anything really well, I need to take responsibility. I need to become an autodidact. My teachers need to be my own, careful choice. My experiments need to be motivated from within me, only then can I be relentless enough to persist in the effort.

Knowledge is everywhere, the challenge is to distinguish it from the crap that’s also everywhere. As a learner, it is my task to skeptically examine possible sources of knowledge. But when I find the sound ones, I learn much more that everyone who’s learning from the crappy ones.

Therefore, only as an autodidact — a skeptical connoisseur of knowledge — can I be free in my learning and not dependent on bad science.

Published December 19th, 2015 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum