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Aspects of Myself

Every few years, someone comes along, captures an important aspect of myself and makes it visible to me.

Richard Dawkins made my realize my love for Biology and science in general, with his many writings. He also helped me uncover the fierce skeptic inside myself by being the unapologetic advocate for the truth that he is.

David Allen with Getting Things Done nudged me into the great habits of keeping inboxes and zeroing them frequently. This amplified the calmness I was born with and allowed me to stay relaxed and productive ever since I read his book.

Kenji López-Alt facilitated the discovery that I really like cooking. His scientific approach resonated deeply with me — and it doesn’t hurt that using this approach, I can actually produce food that tastes delicious!

Susan Cain with her book Quiet helped me rediscover my personality. Reading it, I gave myself more permission to be my introverted self, and not try to be more extroverted all the time. Now, I can better play to my strengths, which was — I think — her goal.

Ray Mears helped me to reiterate my love for nature and the great outdoors. Also, while I like to be the person who has everything they need with them, he helped me realize that the more you know, the less you carry, which is true literally and figuratively.

Sam Harris is almost candor itself. He made me understand and strengthen my listening skills. He deeply understands his opponent’s views and arguments before usually uprooting the best version of their argument with a more thoughtful counterpoint. That is also what I strive to do.

Tom Greever with his book Articulating Design Decisions helped me level up my skills as a designer and project manager. His down-to-earth, trustful and strategic approach to design is one that I have made my own now.

Marie Kondo, in her public persona, is an embodiment of calmness. I’ve realized that stuff was a problem for a long time. Her approach of tidying reflects my sense of order and simplicity — and makes it actionable. This is a prerequisite for my inner calmness, which I’m still in the process of restoring.

Because of these people, I’ve noticed and sharpened different aspects of myself. Thank you!

Published January 20th, 2019 by Sebastian — All PostsImpressum